COIRA Intercomparison Project

The COIRA InterComparison Exercise, is an initiative organized by COIRA to compare and evaluate current reference atmospheres of primary and tertiary radon chambers internationally, with an intent to harmonize radon metrology and assist radon chambers with compliance of their regulatory demands.  The InterComparison Exercise will help the international radon industry by improving traceability of radon gas standards used by radon device quality assurance programs, internationally.  The outcome of the project should provide important information for all chambers, radon device manufacturers and radon professionals around the world on consistency of radon reference atmospheres and will help identify any irregularities.  Although the information will be published with anonymity, each reference chamber will be able to identify their own information in comparison to the whole project outcomes.  Additional information will also be gathered in the process of the Exercise, which will provide a library of data on international reference chambers.

In addition to the intercomparison of reference chambers.  There will be included a component of intercomparison of passive radon devices.  This intercomparison of passive devices will provide information on consistency of radon device measurements across manufactured device.

Parties Involved:

The COIRA InterComparison Exercise is open to all chambers of participating countries.  The devices used for the initial chamber InterComparison will be the Bertin’s AlphaGuard continuous radon monitors.  Radonova passive radon devices will also be included as part of the InterComparison Exercise.


The COIRA InterComparison Exercise has started and is currently progressing through chambers.

The COIRA InterComparison Exercise will be overseen by a the COIRA InterComparison committee which consists of Phil Jenkins (AARST), Jose Luis Gutierrez Villanueva (ERA), Melinda Ronca-Battista (AARST); Karl Nilsson (NGRA) and Pam Warkentin (CARST).

Project Administrator: Pam Warkentin, CARST

Principal Investigators: Jose Luis Gutierrez Villaneuva, ERA, Melinda Ronca-Battista and Phil Jenkins, AARST

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